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Geothermal is all we do!
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  Always to engineers specifications, protecting your reputation and ours. We're proud of our reputation, and have the references to back it.

  For over 20 years we've been providing licensed & professional geothermal drilling and loop contracting to the public and private sectors. We drilled our first Geothermal hole in 1990. And have since provided a dependable service that many contractors have come to rely on, year after year.

  Insured to $2 million. With ZERO liability claims over the years. Total Service owns it's own support and drilling equipment, with 6 drilling units and more to come as demand increases. While major breakdowns are not common, we have the staff to correct/fix most issues in the field. Thereby decreasing our down time, and protecting our clients from costly delays.

   While not every state requires licensing, Total Service Company of Pontotoc Inc. holds a current and valid drilling license in MS, AR, LA, SC, FL, MO, TN, with more to come as we expand. We're an IGSHPA - Accredited Installer, Phillips Driscopipe ® Butt and Socket heat fusion trained and certified.

  While no one can predict the forces of nature. We make every attempt to be on time, every time. A dedicated, organized, and well trained workforce using assigned equipment, means quick start up times. We maintain that level of professionalism with crews capable of operating without immediate supervision and making needed decisions on the spot. As always, management is directly involved should the need for additional expertise arise, and we're never more than a phone call away. All crews have immediate access to management, 24/7. Many times, a member of management can be found personally operating the equipment on site.

Focused and Mobile
  All drilling rigs are devoted exclusively to geothermal operations. Operational areas include all of the southern United States, portions of the midwest and northeast. Mobilization is quick, and our expertise in multiple geological conditions insure an on time completion.

When the decision has been made to install, we're the one's to call. Contact Us today.

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