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  We make every effort to speak to each person when they call, and a member of management is in house throughout the day. At the same time, we realize that schedules may prevent personal and voice contact at the moment and try to provide you with every means to get in contact with us in a timely fashion. In person, by phone, e-mail, or regular mail.

  We encourage you to contact us by phone whenever the need arises.

  We also highly recommend e-mail contact for all busy professionals for non-urgent matters. E-mail can prevent scheduling conflicts (yours or ours), by insuring we have a good time to return your call or meet with you personally. E-mail usually insures we are aware of your request for service/contact within the hour.

After hours e-mails will be retrieved the next morning.

Normal office hours are 07:30am to 04:00pm Central Time, Monday - Friday.
After hours and direct contact numbers will be provided to working contract personnel.

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Fred Danforth  
CEO & Pres.

Victoria Blissard  
Vice Pres.

Remmie Blissard  
Sec. & Treas.

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