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  Over the course of 20 years, we have amassed a massive database of completed jobs. And have changed methods of measurements over the years from tonnage to feet drilled. Total footage exceeds 2 million feet by a significant number. Transferring this database to the web will involve some time, and some privacy concerns for our clients. Until such time these privacy and security concerns can be addressed, we limit the online list to a select few (minus phone and names), allowing you to see the broad range of jobs we have completed, and are capable of doing.

Until that time, please feel free to request that a list be faxed or sent via the US Postal System.

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JOB Location Size/Feet Contractor
Greenville Airport Greenville, NC 18,000 Ft Midsouth Geothermal
White Pines NAS Milton FL 410 Tons Southern Energy Solutions
Jones County Junior College MS 115,200 Ft McLain PLBG
Residential Georgia 1,500 Ft DC Robertson Inc.
Corey Field NAS Pensacola, FL 325 Tons Energy Systems
Nordex AR 111,670 Ft MidSouth Geothermal
Mark Twain School Center, MO 150 Tons Johnson Controls
Carlisle Courthouse Carlisle, KY 17,110 Ft MidSouth Geothermal